Reclaim YOU first.

Allow the innate wisdom of your body to relax into the space of your deepest longings.

Lift up your eyes upon this day breaking for you.  
Give birth again to the dream.”  – Maya Angelou

If you are discouraged and battle-weary from going through the fertility treatments that have not yet worked and you know something needs to shift.

… then let me guide you on this difficult journey.  I support women like you through the crisis of infertility by combining ancient wisdom and innovative mind-body healing techniques that enhance your ability to conceive.

You can choose to be empowered through this journey despite your feelings of despair, frustration, and even jealousy and guilt.  You can learn to embody the fullness of the divine woman you already are to cultivate a nurturing, fertile environment in your body, in the very heart of where feminine creativity is born.  

A safe space to reconnect to your creativity.  

Working with me, you will discover that I do not limit your treatment to a set program or restrictive protocol.  I am guided by my extensive knowledge and personal experience to curate the program that best suits you, as the individual that you are.  I bring a profound caring and tenderness to my work. I hold space deeply for you, which allows you to soften and open up into a space of true healing.

Let me be your trusted guide who will help you to learn the power of mind-body medicine to enhance your ability to conceive.

  • Reclaim hope and awaken your fertility.  
  • Fulfill your dream of having a family with your partner.  
  • Cultivate emotional resilience and strength.
  • Create a fertile body, mind, soul, and life!
  • Discover a safe, nurturing space to be vulnerable, heard, and supported during your fertility journey.  

Reclaim Your Fertility!  

Michelle offers ancient wisdom and Mind-Body healing techniques to create peace in your body, mind, and soul.  

You will learn ways to release both your physical and emotional stress and feel relaxed so you can make decisions from a place of empowerment.

This comprehensive consultation provides you with effective and practical tools customized for you to cope with the daily stresses and challenges that often come with the fertility journey.

  • One 75 minute Fertility Assessment, Lifestyle & Stress Evaluation and Discover Your Most Optimal Fertile Way of Being with the Fertile Resonance Method ™
  • A Customized Fertility-Enhancing Plan, tailor-made for you.  
  • One 30 Minute Follow-up consultation: Check In & Custom Guidance
  • A guidebook with rituals and techniques to foster a feeling of connection and hope.
  • Petals of You eBook
  • A MP3 Meditation: “Awaken Your Fertility”


Awaken Your Fertile Mind, Body & Life!  Group Program

In this supportive and safe online group, you will experience a surge of hope from the very beginning.  With a group of sisters, your new friends in your fertility journey, connections are made that span your lifetime. Michelle’s extraordinary gift of deep listening cultivates courage, clarity and healing for your fertile body.  

You feel safe and heard.  And even more, you feel empowered.

Michelle is guides you weekly to teach you MInd-Body healing techniques and ancient wisdom to nourish a peaceful fertile body, mind, and soul.  

Each teaching illuminates ways for you to immediately experience relief from stress, fear and doubt.  Each week you come away with more confidence and peace. Blending current day innovative science with ancient Mind-Body healing techniques brings you to your fertile potential.

In this seven week group program, you will receive:

  • One 90 minute Fertility Assessment, Lifestyle & Stress Evaluation and Michelle’s proprietary process, Discover Own Unique Fertile Resonance ™
  • A Customized Fertility-Enhancing Plan, tailor-made for you.
  • One 30 minute Private Mid-Program consultation: “Check In & Custom Guidance”
  • 1 Group Zoom Call per WEEK → 90 minutes → Recorded for replay
  • A guidebook with rituals and techniques to foster a feeling of safety and hope.
  • Petals of You eBook
  • Free Meditation downloads


Reclaim All of You!   Private Coaching Program

As your coach and companion, I will walk alongside you, support you to be compassionate towards yourself, and help you to create conditions in your life that you can easily integrate to liberate your fertile energies.

This deeply transformative one-on-one program is uniquely customized for you and will allow you to reclaim you and restore hope.  

Create balance and a feeling of purpose with this warm and supportive private journey to yourself and your dreams.

In this nine week private coaching program, you will receive:

    • One 90 minute Fertility Assessment:  Lifestyle and Lifestyle and & Stress Evaluation
    • Welcome gifts including a specially-blended doTERRA essential oil, intuitively blended just for you.
    • Michelle’s signature process, Discover Your Fertile Resonance ™
    • Eight one hour private weekly calls with Michelle


  • A guidebook of rituals and techniques
  • Personalized meditation Michelle creates just for you.
  • Petals of You eBook
  • Free Meditation downloads

NOTE:  If you decide to join either the Awaken Your Mind-Body Fertility Group, or the Reclaim Yourself Private Program, your payment will be credited to the cost of that program.

A portion of all profits are donated to Kiva.og


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