The holidays can feel like a mine field for those going through infertility.  The family gatherings that were always filled with joy, can now be a painful reminder of we don’t yet have – a family of our own to celebrate.

How do you handle when family and friends give you advice that feels like they don’t understand what you are going through? How do you navigate the treatment options that come with enormous price tags or choose to try naturally or with acupuncture and herbs three more months?

I would like to invite you to gift yourself supreme self care during this holiday season.  And to help you discover what that might be for you, I am extending a FREE invitation to you for the Infertility Busters for the Stressful Holiday Season Tele-Summit.




This coming week you can hear from some of the world’s leading Infertility experts and get their best advice on how to grow your family with mind/body/spirit balance? Advice that is tested and true…and actually works.   And you can have access to all of them at no cost to you.

This is exactly what my colleague Renee Waggener at Xtraordinary Fertility has done with the Infertility Busters Tele-summit – a unique and generous gathering of professionals in the infertility field and I am honored to be part of it.

I’m joining a team of 22 amazing experts with fantastic advice you can use right away. Together we’re helping thousands of women struggling with infertility throughout the globe who are ready to feel less stress this Holiday season.

This is my personal invitation to join me and get the best wisdom, inspiration and support to guide you into more confidence, clarity, and connection to spirit, family and yourself this Holiday season.

Starting Dec. 9th  continuing through Dec. 18th , you’ll have access to incredible experts who will all share their personal journey’s with serving the infertility community and share their wisdom that has helped so many on this journey.   You can register at

I hope to see you there. 

Love, Light & Gratitude, Michelle

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