A few years ago, I produced The Fertile Soul of Yoga with Dr. Randine Lewis, Jennifer Buergermeister and Jodie Eisenhardt.

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Yoga, meditation, abdominal massage, acupressure experiental group work and lecture are part of this extraordinary DVD program which also provides a snapshot into the sessions of Dr. Lewis’ intensive retreats. Stress and lack of blood flow to reproductive organs are impediments to fertility. This DVD shares how to reduce stress, increase blood flow, and balance the mind/body for overall wellness and enhanced fertility.

Content includes: Yoga, Meditation, Abdominal and Femoral Massage, Acupressure and Lecture In this DVD, Randine Lewis commentates as Jennifer Buergermeister demonstrates a full yoga practice.

Michelle, in collaboration with Dr Randine Lewis, Jennifer Buergermeister and Jodie Eisenhardt produced The Fertile Soul of Yoga DVD, go to: or


A great resource!  Cooking For Fertility, by my friend Kathryn Simmons-Flynn.

The wisdom that what you eat is a direct reflection of your health is now widely accepted as science continues to prove that certain foods do in fact improve reproductive function. Cooking for Fertility: Foods to Nourish Your Fertile Soul offers a simple approach to eating for fertility that combines modern science with the ancient wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine. While enhancing your chances of conceiving, the bigger picture of living a fertile life is important: you will learn which lifestyle, exercise and food choices are fertility promoting.

For those experiencing infertility, specific meal plans address common Western and Chinese Medicine imbalances with healing foods. By optimizing your digestion, you naturally absorb more nutrients and prepare yourself for a healthy pregnancy. Above all else, the key to eating for fertility is pleasure: over 100 delicious recipes included for your enjoyment!

Organic Fertility Tea
Moontime Tea’s Fertility Blend is certified organic, using all kosher ingredients and is completely caffeine free.  Packed in easy to use, chlorine free, tea bags we have chosen the highest quality ingredients.  And we can honestly say, it’s delicious! Each pouch contains 30 teabags to enjoy daily.

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