Our culture and upbringing has taught us that self care is selfish. The opposite it true! We must nourish ourselves, in mind, body and spirit first, so that we can live, parent and serve the way we want to – the way we are meant to.

You can move through your days with more energy, clarity and creativity and joy!

You can pick up all the precious Jewels of the Journey :tm: and engage in them to enhance and blossom your whole life.

What concerns you most:
◦ Your stress levels are extremely high.
◦ As each month passes you lose more confidence and hope, and you fear you are running out of time and options.
◦ The myriad of decisions you face daily in parenting or growing your business are overwhelming.
◦ You to feel paralyzed with fear and deep within, you doubt your ability to create the life you desire.
◦ You cannot sleep at night, your mind a whirlwind of over-thinking, fear, doubt and regret. You cannot turn your mind off.You are caring for the people in your life and wish you could spend some of that caring on yourself.

◦ What you really need right now is:

◦ You need to feel like yourself again. RESTORE your authentic self.
◦ You need to feel you can RELAX into and embrace self care at new levels.
◦ You need to RELEASE stress and those negative thoughts and feelings.
◦ RECONNECT with your inner wisdom.
◦ You need to REDISCOVER your creative self, allowing those creative juices to nourish your mind, body and soul and create joy in your life now.
◦ You need clarity and knowingness on how to navigate through the maze of decisions that are in alignment to your values.
◦ You need to establish some balance in your life so that parenting doesn’t completely deplete you.
◦ You need support and encouragement from someone you trust and who has been on this journey and survived.
◦ You need to NOURISH all of you so you can BLOOM in mind, body and spirit.
Are you ready to Reclaim YOU in Mind, Body & Spirit?
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