Exhausted and stressed from your struggle with infertility?

Take a day to immerse yourself in supreme nourishment of mind, body and spirit.
The research shows that the stress of women going through infertility is equal to that of women undergoing treatment for cancer. Stress impacts you on every level – your emotional and mental distress creates hormonal imbalance in your body – it unleashes the exact hormones that are counterproductive to your attempts to conceive.

Take a break from the stress! Gift yourself a day to immerse yourself in the nourishment of your mind, body and spirit with proven techniques to relieve and release the stress, create a loving internal environment for conception, and learn how to channel your energies to awaken your fertile potential.

Your fertility enhancing day will look like this:

9am – Welcome, Setting Intention and Meditation
10am – Honoring You – Morning Ritual
11am – Nurturing You – Self Care & Journaling
12pm – Grounding You – Connect with Nature & Rest
2pm – Nourishing You – Nourish Menu & Fertility Smoothie
3pm – Creating You – Vision Board

Bonus – 8pm – Connecting You – Evening Ritual

This is my gift to you.

Register below with your name and email, so that we can send you the call in numbers, as well as the list of items you will want to have on hand to enhance your Nourish Your Fertility At Home Spa experience.

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