I’ve been there myself.  Going through infertility has truly impacted and transformed my whole life.  Having lived with the desperation of this journey for 12 years, I deeply understand and empathize with your immense pain; that you truly feel a hole in your soul that only being able to have a child can fill.  

While in the throes of infertility, I allowed it to define me to a point of such pain and isolation that I had lost connection with many aspects of myself that I had previously enjoyed – especially my creativity.  On some level, I believed that if I could not pro-create, that I also could not create… so all my creative endeavors like painting and arts/crafts just dissolved away.

My sense of self-care had extended only to medical treatments.  After many years of frustrating results from following my doctor’s’ protocol – unsuccessful attempts at hormone injections, IVF, blood work – I was desperate to find a solution that would bring me the child my heart so desired.  And even more, I longed a to find sense of solace and hopefulness. I became lost in the haze of procedures, miscarriages, grief, and fear. I was desperate for relief from the stress and lack of hope.

Finally, driven to the point of despair, I found peace and a new sense of well-being by exploring modern mind-body healing; choices that were just not offered or understood by my doctors.  I explored the holistic options offered at my acupuncture clinic, discovered a sense of peace in a mind-body healing class, and found healing connection within my support group.

This experience showed me the way to deeply connect with my own gifts and passion – to become a guide for other women like you who are struggling with your own infertility journey.  And a whole new world opened to me, as I was invited to become President of the Houston chapter of Resolve: The National Infertility Association, as well as Retreat Coordinator for Dr. Randine Lewis at The Fertile Soul.  Becoming a coach was one of the many “Jewels of the Journey” during my struggle with infertility.  

The depth of connection with the amazing women that came to retreat was breathtaking, and I knew I had found my purpose.  

I dove into educating myself further with mind-body healing techniques from both Eastern and Western traditions, and acquired certifications in life coaching with Circle of Life, with Guiding Mindful Change, and with Renee Trudeau & Associates to facilitate Personal Renewal Groups for Moms.  I was delighted to assist with 5-day Infertility Retreat Intensives that took me to North Carolina, Texas, Canada, India, England and Ireland.  These retreats were so beautiful and healing for my infertility issues.

The time finally came when my husband and I decided to adopt.  Once we started the adoption process, and I knew I would indeed finally bring home a child, I realized how much I felt deeply moved by this amazing, soul-connecting work with women.  I deeply wished to continue this work, but without all the travel, so I could be home with this beautiful child that took me 12 years to bring in. I had discovered in myself new depths of compassion and empathy I didn’t know existed.  I continued my training as a coach and created the triad program for The Fertile Soul which included Chinese Medicine diagnosis, nutritional consultation, and fertility coaching.

I adore spending time with my beautiful daughter, Gabriela, who teaches me even more about myself than I knew was possible.  Relaxing in peace and quiet under a tree with a good book is a joy for me as well. Travel and retreats, and hiking in nature are ways I take care of myself.  And of course, guiding other women on the journey to creating a family of their own expands my heart beyond measure.

It is my deepest hope that in working with me, you will discover a place you cannot yet see – a space where opportunities which you don’t currently realize are possible, exist.  It is my intention to create a safe and holy container to rest in and be enveloped by, as you explore your deepest longings and heartfelt dreams. I will be there to help you find inner peace even at times when it feels overwhelmingly impossible.

Every one of my clients is a mirror for me…  to learn more fully about myself and be in inquiry always around my life, my intentions, my ability to be vulnerable and my willingness to see clearly.

Empowering you to reframe and understand your circumstances
in a new and inspiring way.  


“What if, deep within, you carry the essence of the Great Mother?  And when things seemed really bad, you could envision that you were sitting in the lap of the Grandmother.  She held you deeply and snugly, you felt embraced at last. And you could hear her whispering to you, ‘I love you… I love you and I need you to bring forth yourself.’  And, if in that image, you could see the Great Mother looking to Her daughters, looking to each woman to reveal, in her own life, the beauty, strength, and wisdom of the Mother.” – Judith Duark, Circle of Stones