The most delicious way of being for me, is when I am embracing and living my Inspired Moments.  You know – those moments that you feel complete joy and connection for no reason?  In those moments that you let go of worrying about the future, and let go of the past, and just live in the moment of now, when everything is okay in this very moment.

We all have our own ways of accessing these precious moments.  Eckhart Tolle writes volumes on living in The Now.  For some it is in reading literature that helps us become more self aware.  For  others it is in meditation that we most connect with our inner wisdom, light or God.  For some, it is connection to another – a partner, a family member, a soul-sister.  And for some, it is in engaging in their craft – writing or art – being in the moment of creation.



Another lovely way to slow down and be present is to stop and breathe.  Focus on the breath can instantly bring you to the present, where all is well.

And of course, there is music.  The kind of music that touches your soul and inspires creativity.

One of my favorite music artists is Karen Drucker.  Here is the link to her song Breathe – and her website is


And sometimes….okay, often!….our monkey mind blocks these moments of joy by keeping us in the past or in the future.  How do you bring yourself back to now?  I would love to hear some of your tools – please share in the comment area below.

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