Do you have a desire to live not only from your heart – but also work from your heart?

Do you wish to match your passion and talents with your intention to work from home?

Are you ready to take the next step of entrepreneurship – whether to create or grow – your heart centered business?

“Entrepreneurs are the true heroes in a free-enterprise economy, driving progress in business, society and the world. They solve problems by creatively envisioning different ways the world could and should be.”

~ John Mackey

It takes passion and courage to be an entrepreneur. What I discovered, is that it also requires training and support! So whether you need help with where to start, how to connect with your ideal clients or help with social media, I can help!

I meet you where you are in your business, help you define your target market/niche, create a website that speaks to who you as well as what you offer, and how to get your message out there. Because that is what it is all about – doing your part to heal our world.

What my clients are saying…

Michelle has such a gift of understanding, wisdom and compassion. She has trained for endless hours on the psychological aspects of human nature, and one of her many blessings is the capacity to tune her clients into their emotional patterning. I recommend Michele’s heartfelt work highly to my friends, colleagues and students; and trust that she has an amazing ability to work with everyone.

Karena Virginia

Michelle’s deep understanding of getting to the core of the issue while building on strengths and providing an authentic supportive relationship is her gift. Michele combines compassionate listening with provocative inquiry and in my experience that is the essential formula for a great coaching experience. She’s real, been there , done that and not afraid to show her own vulnerability. She has helped me grow both personally and professionally.

Susan Norton

Working with Michelle has given me a big boom in my business, she is always there, knows how to motivate and gently push you to be even better and further than you ever imagined.

There is nothing like finding someone that stretches their arms to lift you up, helps give you strength to start walking again, holds your hand until your legs are strong enough, then accompanies you as you relearn to walk, helps you find your life mission path, then trots with you and makes you laugh as you go along. That’s what Michelle has been for me and then before you realize it, she has helped you find your wings and you are ready to fly!

Carmen Martinez Jover

Insightful and intuitive, Michelle Galatoire specializes in empowering women to realize their dreams amidst the challenges of everyday life. Michelle uses her kind and compassionate nature to gently guide her clients to greater wellbeing while providing practical tools to unleash the creativity within and live a most fulfilling life.

Kathryn Simmons Flynn

How are you being called to gift the world the Jewels of Your Journey?

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Michelle is a savvy, sharp, highly dedicated life coach and group facilitator.

She’s intuitive, has superb relationship building skills and is passionate about enhancing women’s emotional and physical well-being.

Her expertise as a seasoned wellness expert and her specialized experience in group coaching support her in being a powerful catalyst for growth and personal change.

Renee Trudeau

I first consulted with Michelle Galatoire in May of 2010. I had several concurrent personal and professional short and long term goals. I thought I knew what needed to be done yet I was feeling overwhelmed. Somehow I just couldn’t manage to make a consistent dent in anything. Michelle set me up with the tools and I worked through the materials. This allowed me to step back to see where I was actually spending my time and how that differed from how I wanted to be spending my time. I could see more clearly where I was and where I wanted to be.

Perhaps what was most beneficial was that Michelle was able to look more objectively at my situation and make suggestions that had not occurred to me. As a result I was able to delegate more, and streamline specific systems that were bogging me down. I am able to enjoy more time with my family and I am still able to take a post graduate course in Chinese herbs.

The changes I was able to make have been sustainable. Even now when I am faced with a similar situation I ask myself, “What would Michelle say?”

Thank you, Michelle!

Bonnie C