Reclaim hope.  Awaken your fertility.

You are probably here because you are

  • Exhausted from the struggle of trying to conceive
  • Overwhelmed by the fear you may never fulfill your dream of being a mother
  • Working so hard to get pregnant that you are depleted and depressed
  • Losing hope of ever having a family of your own
  • Afraid that you cannot feel whole without having a child

So I am going to invite you to Discover the Jewels of this Journey (yes, there are some beautiful gems for you to excavate, I promise!)

The journey to your baby can be one of the most heart-wrenching and soul-searching experiences you can ever have. If you are experiencing the inability to conceive, the myriad of intense emotions can be overwhelming, even paralyzing.

It can even make you doubt your worth and purpose.

Shifting to a new perspective and cultivating practices that dissolve stress from the body and mind, and open your heart to create space for the peace and hope you desire to feel.

“True healing lies between allowing the seeds to burst forth from the darkness and shining the light on possibilities not yet seen.”

Are you ready to Liberate Your Fertile Energies and Tap Into Your Own Powerful Fertile Resonance?

It’s time to navigate this road differently.
And your body’s innate wisdom remembers the way.

When you give yourself permission to…

  • create a sense of peace and empowerment
  • cultivate the daily rituals that allow you to reconnect and feel safely guided
  • gift yourself with reprieve from your internal suffering and doubt
  • feel what you feel and allow the energy of emotion to move through you
  • embrace the deeper levels of self-care essential to your fertile mind and body

… all of you is orchestrated into wholeness, into balance.

You learn to dance with life.  These are the Jewels of Your Journey.

And this is where your innate fertility awakens.

I can guide you there.

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Michelle Galatoire, author, Fertility Coach and Self Care Guide is gifted in creating space for women to uncover their truest self and conceive their dreams through nourishment and nurturing of mind, body and spirit. She works with women struggling with infertility, and moms desiring a more fertile life and work balance. She has guided hundreds of women to create the family, life and heart-centered business they desire. She supports women through private coaching, group programs and writing.